Oct 03, 2016

Beginners’ Course Tickets

Good news!

Having spoken to the union box office we have good news – tickets are now live!
You can now go on the union website to book your time slot, remember to make sure that the one you choose is a day and time that you can commit to for six weeks as we cannot change your slot once you have started. Please read through the information on the beginners’ course page as well.

Tickets can be bought here.

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Oct 01, 2016

Problems with the Beginner’s course sign-up

It was lovely to meet those of you that turned up to have a shoot today at the taster session, I hope you all enjoyed yourselves.

Unfortunately, due to unforeseen issues the tickets have not gone up on the union box office website. Tickets will now go live on Monday evening, we will send another email on Monday with details.
Just a reminder about the Beginners’ Course. This is a series of one and a quarter hour sessions, one per week over [read more…]

Aug 31, 2016

August Archery Awesomeness!

At a glance

Southampton Summer Clout – Saturday 7th August
Fiona Walsh – Ladies Barebow (140yards), score 19 (7th)
Janna Collier – Ladies Recurve (140yards), retired
Liam McDonnell – Gents Recurve (180yards), DNS

AC Delco Chris Sherwood Memorial – Western 14th August
Tom Reed (Gents Compound) – 856 (1st new club record!)
Sam Baldwin (Gents Compound) – 854 (2nd)
Sara Rubio (Ladies Recurve) – 762 (3rd new club record!)
Lloyd Fletcher (Gents Recurve) – 746 (5th)
Novelita Mondamina (Ladies Recurve) – 562 (9th)
David Williams (Gents Longbow) – 207 (10th new club record!)
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Aug 02, 2016

The Sussex Blue Lion Soup Shoot Champs…?

At a glance

Sussex Champs – Saturday WA1440 (Gents and Ladies), Metrics I & II
Sara Rubio – Ladies’ WA1440, Recurve, 969, (3rd)
Rachael Smith – Ladies’ WA1440, Recurve, 710, (5th)
Lloyd Fletcher – Gents’ WA1440, Recurve, 1013, (10th)
Tom Reed – Gents’ WA1440, Compound, 1230, (3rd)
James Strudwick – Gents’ WA1440, Recurve, 704, (16th)

Sussex Champs – Sunday WA1440 (Gents and Ladies), Metrics I & II
Sara Rubio – Ladies’ WA1440, Recurve, 1068, (2037 double WA1440)
Rachael Smith – Ladies’ WA1440, Recurve, 701, (1411 double WA1440)
James Strudwick – Gents’ WA1440, Recurve, [read more…]

Jul 03, 2016

BUCS Outdoors 2016 – Sunday

At a Glance

Andrew Howe
560 (15th seed)
2nd round (17th)

David Williams
526 (25th seed)
2nd round (17th)

Matthew Wellman
419 (49th seed)
1st round (33rd)

Sara Rubio
531 (8th seed)
3rd round (9th)

Ally Miller
511 (11th seed)
3rd round (9th)

Justina Valyte
453 (17th seed)
2nd round (17th)

Abby Slark
433 (20th seed)
2nd round (17th)

Patrick Corning
279 (4th seed)
4th place

Tom Reed
585 (18th seed)
1st round (17th)

Abbie Hall
434 (23rd seed)
1st round (17th)




One year more, one more rainy BUCS! Part 2!

The Sunday morning started very similarly to the Saturday: wet! London had turned up the Disney tunes as a lot of [read more…]