Club members can turn up at any time they want and shoot for as long as they want during opening times.

*You will have to have completed the Beginners’ course to be eligible to shoot at these times.

Indoors (September – March)

Monday: 5pm – 10pm, coaching

Tuesday: 3pm – 7pm, practice

Thursday: 2pm – 6pm, practice

Friday: 5pm – 10pm, coaching

Saturday: 5pm – 10pm, practice

Sunday: 10am – 5pm, practice

Outdoors (May – September)

Monday: 4pm – Dark, coaching

Tuesday: 4pm – Dark, practice

Thursday: 4pm – Dark, practice

Friday: 4pm – Dark, coaching


These times are subject to change and will always be confirmed on the Monday of the week via email through our mailing list